What’s up tribers? As a token of appreciation for following me, I decided to launch this new format where I will review and explain each chapter of my book “The 4-Pillar Digital Marketing Agency”. In this video, I walk you through the 7 essentials guidelines to become an entrepreneur: Focus, Habits, Practice, Not following your feelings, Speed of implementation, Raising your standards, and finally Investing in yourself. As mentioned in the video, the first version of my book is now available for FREE if you message me through Facebook or WhatsApp so don’t hesitate to send me a message.

In this video, I want to encourage you to limit any negative information that is coming into your life.
Don’t be affected by the negative information. Stay focus on the important things like money-making, customer success, personal developmentā€¦
1.You can do it by limiting distractions

  1. You need to make conscious effort not to look at advertising
  2. Limit the people you are surrounding yourself with

This is about how to craft your offer. Don’t charge per time, charge per value you provide. Don’t offer what you think makes sense, offer what your customer thinks makes sense. Perform the market research and match it with your skills. Look for an offer that can be replicated.

In this video, I want to show you that attitude matters.
A lot of people that we work with actually know how to run their business.
But they don’t grow for some reason. And this is why attitude matters.
The key focus is on your mindset.
You should focus on the one thing don’t switch.
Create your processes with the team and figure out what really works.
Last but not least, don’t undercharge your customers and deliver the best service.