Hey Tribers. Many entrepreneurs and digital marketers stopped prospecting after the LinkedIn update end of march.

We managed to keep it ongoing thanks to the sniper method, the website form funnels, interacting with our network…

Now, some of you simply don’t have time to post daily on the platforms and generate traction through content. What about ads?

Here’s the problem, you set an ad you got your first leads, they were unqualified, the leads cost you 40$ and you don’t EVEN KNOW why.

So you thought maybe there’s something wrong with my setup? Should I target another country? Why is the price per lead fluctuating so much?

No worries, we got your back. Here’s what we found out for you.

Or listen to the audio here:

End of March, LinkedIn announced a new update that sets the weekly invitation limit to 100.

The B2B specialized social network is progressively updating all its servers around the world, by the time you watch this video it’s probably already the case in your country.

Now, some of you were using Sales Navigator and automation tools to send over 150 connection requests per DAY. If you have a team of 5 lead generators, that’s 3’250 leads that you lose weekly.

Don’t worry.

At TribalMastermind, we have been prepared for this. Here are some tips you can follow so that your lead source doesn’t dry out.

You’ve heard that LinkedIn is the best business social media and that plenty of people use it to get leads.

You would like to do the same but you have some problems:

You have no idea how to use Linkedin. You don’t know how to be visible and crack the algorithm. You still use Linkedin as any other social media even though the usage is very different. You are unaware of all the possibilities and tools that this social media has to offer.

In this video, I’ll show 6 points you should be aware of to set up the best 2021 LinkedIn Profile.

Hey tribers, after receiving many messages from you asking me to review your profile I decided to make a video explaining the required features in order to have a top-notch 2021 Upwork profile.

“Is my profile good enough to attract my target?” “Do I need to have 5stars to be able to sell?” “Why don’t I have any customers interested in my profile even my low prices?”Have you ever wondered if your Upwork profile was good enough to retain your buyer’s attention?

All of those will be answered just here below:

Or, you could also listen to it:

Hey Tribers, how passionate are you about your business?

Every ship needs a captain and if as a business owner you don’t assume that role then your ship is going to wreck.

In this video I’ll tell you what led me to take decisions to completely redesign the structure of my companies and their success.

These days, people reach out to me because they are so passionate about their businesses that they don’t realize they are omitting a lot of important points that everyone should do before it’s too late.

When is it too late? And before everything what should you do to avoid your company crashing?

Check out this video or the audio and get in touch with us in our group to share your personal story with like-minded people. Talking with the right people will bring you the right solutions.

Special kudos to Paul creative Studio for his awesome 3D design featured in the video.

More of him:

🌏 https://pcollective.art/


Tribers, have you ever wondered why Upwork exists?

Have you actually analyzed who you work with and why they are looking to outsource?

Do you actually improve your skill when working for someone?

Have you considered building an agency out of Upwork? YOU CAN!

In today’s post, we will see how you could use Upwork as a stairway to your agency. ROCK ON!

How to make 8k/month with saas..

You probably have a genius Saas idea but you’re realizing you’re missing money and time…and expertise.

In this post, I will show you 3 strategies and how to take a step back in order to work on your project, earn money, and learn from the bigger fishes.

What’s up tribers?

Lately, I have realized that stress hindered me to see the bigger picture.

So I decided to analyze why am I experiencing stress? How should I counter it? And before everything, what should I take into consideration to make the most effective decision?

In this post, I will bring you to the worst scenario that could happen to me, and I’ll show you what I say to stress. ✌️