2 Personality Types on a Sales Call – How to Close Them Using Emotions & Logic


If you are not familiar with sales, this situation will most likely happen at some point during the sales process:

One day you will have two people on a call or two different types of decision makers. Maybe they are business partners, maybe one is the CEO and the other is the marketing director, or perhaps it’s just your potential client and their spouse.

It will definitely happen and there is a big difference between selling to one or two people, especially if they have different personalities!

Imagine one person on the phone is very emotional and one is very logical. One perspective or point of view that may convince one of them but it may also make the other one feel uneasy or oppositional.

So how do you handle this?

In today’s video, I explain the approach of closing sales over the phone if you must speak with two people with different personalities at the same time.