3 Steps To Turn Boring Processes Into An Exciting Game

I gamified processes of one of the team members. Instead of getting paid per hour, he now gets paid in points per challenge accomplished. At the end of a day, he summarizes his points and turns them into dollars earned. The game is built on Google Spreadsheets and looks like this:

Screenshot 2017-12-23 21.46.09

I tested this for 7 days and compared results before gamification. Data proved that work was done much faster and better:

Screenshot 2017-12-23 22.10.59

Gamification also made it more interesting and enjoyable to complete tasks. The opportunity of getting more $$$ increased the motivation. The fear of losing $$$ decreased poor performance.

Screenshot 2017-12-23 22.04.52


3 Steps To Build a Similar Game:

  1. Calculate how much time it takes on average to complete each task. Then assign the equal amount of $$$ to each task.
  2. Create opportunities to win $$$ by achieving tasks
  3. Create fear of losing $$$ by creating punishments


Conclusion: Pay per tasks, not per hour. Give prizes and punishments. Turn into a game


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