4 Biggest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Do & How To Avoid Them

The most prominent mistakes entrepreneurs do, in my opinion, are:

  1. Reinventing the wheel instead of copy-pasting what works
    A lot of young folks think that they need to reinvent Facebook or Uber. In reality, the probability of making your business profitable is higher if you only copy paste what worked for someone else & do it well.
  2. Branding instead of sales
    “First I need a logo and amazing website” is the second biggest mistake. No, you don’t need any of these. In fact, you need sales and revenue. Anything else is helpful but not necessary & secondary. Your business will not survive without sales but it will, without a logo.
  3. Running 5 companies at the same time instead of focusing on a one thing
    You can work 3 yards carrying five items, or 100 yards moving one. If you split your focus, you will not get excellent results in either of these.
  4. Not getting a mentor that is just slightly ahead than them
    Many folks think that they need a millionaire mentor. In reality, you need someone who is slightly ahead of you.