4 Steps To Convert Tutoring into a Tutoring Company

So you have started a Tutoring business because you felt that it is a lucrative industry and you’re passionate about transmitting knowledge.

Therefore, you started a language school, teaching kids and adults STEM, coding, gardening, or even finance and crypto.

You’re doing an amazing job, and proof of that is: you’re getting your customers through word of mouth, referrals.

But then, you realize that 2 obstacles lie on your entrepreneurial journey.

1) Even though you put your heart into changing people’s vision of the world and developing new skills in them, you are not generating enough revenue.

2) You’re teaching anyone by yourself and easily get in the situation where you need to work 60h/week to keep track of your business’ progress because you do want to scale it to get more income.

In this post, based on the results and progress of our members in the very same industry we’ll talk about the 4 steps to transform Tutoring into a Tutoring company.

Positioning – Lead generation – Sales – Operations