How a 4-Year Old Kid Became a Millionaire on YouTube – The Future of Social Media

A while ago, I watched kids of my friends watching YouTube for hours.
I was curious, what are they watching. Is it Powerpuff girls like I used to watch?

No! They watch some other random kids unboxing toys and playing. I looked into one of these YouTube channels.

It turns out that the biggest one, Ryan Toys Reviews, has 13 Mil subscribers! Ryan’s channel is the second biggest YT channel in the United States! (After one wrestling channel – what’s wrong with you America?)

The former head of Nickelodeon (from when they started Spongebob) contacted Ryans parents and signed a deal with them.

Nickelodeon is moving to social media now. They are creating – a new way of delivering content to the digital generation.

Ryan is four years old, and he made a lot of money. So did his parents. Other parents followed the idea and started uploading even more “creative” footage of their kids on YT.

Parents tried so hard that the content started being disturbing. For example, YT banned a channel where kids were throwing food at each other “the food fight channel.”

Where is the border of putting your kids on YT?

In any case, Ryans success, the deal with Nickelodeon is an excellent showcase of the direction of marketing and content delivery (to generation Z).