One Of The Biggest Challenges Of My Life: Staying Productive While Being Depressed

In January 2018, in the e12s1 of Daily Lakers Hustle, I shared with the world my issues with depression:

Ever since I’ve got depressed I was intensively studying the topic of depression on myself as a subject. I shared my discoveries in the interview for Happier Digital Nomad in June 2019:

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link above

Since I got depressed I went from looking skinny like this:

A screenshot from E01S012 of Daily Lakers Hustle

To looking fat like this:

A screenshot from E01S01 of Tribal Bootcamp
A screenshot from e1s1 of Tribal Bootcamp

One Of The Biggest Challenges Of My Life
I haven’t fully recovered since my deep depressive episode and I still have impactful anxiety attacks every now and then. However, in this slow process of recovery, there is progress – it happens less and less every month.

The biggest problem that depression brought and still brings to my life is that when I am under its attack – I can’t think clearly and hence – I can’t work efficiently. Over the last 2 years, I was, however, forced to find ways to be productive while living with depression – and it was (and still is) one of the biggest challenges of my life.

Those are the things that I’ve tried and empirically consider helpful in my recovery process:

Rich People Don’ Rush But They Seek Quality Instead
I’ve started appreciating small things in life, for example, I’ve changed my approach to cooking. In the first YouTube video, I’ve ever made as well as in s1e6 of Daily Lakers Hustle (100% Efficiency Experiment), I was explaining why you need to hire a chef/schedule a food delivery to save yourself time to work more. As much as outsourcing all of my household chores was an insanely efficient and profitable idea – it also erased a lot of simple pleasures and appreciations that life has to offer.

Recently, I developed a passion for preparing what I eat. I look for the highest quality ingredients (or plant them myself) and spend a long time preparing my meals. I find this cultivation meditative, relaxing and deeply satisfying.

You’re The Biggest Bottleneck In Your Own Business
I stopped rushing so much and gave up on working 16 hours a day. It got me great results before, but as I’m getting older, it appears less and less sustainable. I am now experimenting with different schedules and daily routines to find what works best for my health and not for my business. This is because I’ve realized that I’m the biggest bottleneck in my own business and “I” equals my health.

Habitat = Habit
As soon as I got rid of the “stuff”, life became simpler, easier and generally speaking more enjoyable. Minimalist philosophy implies that you should have fewer things. The fewer things mean fewer distractions. Therefore this also means that you have fewer decisions that you have to make every day and this impacts the quality of your decisions. I’ve realized that the “habitat” that I’m in strengthens my habits and my habits are building blocks of what my life looks (and feels) like.

NOTE: This blog post is currently not finished and I am going to continue writing this in the next days…