How to Balance Working Hard (The Hustle Mode) & Relaxing (The Chill Mode)

I had a cup of espresso with my friend. We talked about my anxieties. I was fishing for advice on how to find the root of my depression. She has a magic sixth sense when it comes to finding roots of problems. She was the person to go to. Throughout the conversation, she opened my heart a lot. I became sensational and vulnerable. This allowed me to listen to my inner voice more clearly.

Then, I spent the evening wearing AirPods, lying in my bed and listening to an audiobook about Cognitive Behavioral Psychology called Feeling Good.

Because of my friend, I was inspired to self-analyze my emotions and worries. I was not only more open-hearted and sensitive, but also creative, and artier.

The morning came. I had sales call. The vulnerability turned out to be a weakness, big time. At least from the sales calls perspective.

The client kept bullshitting me that he can’t afford to pay now. I didn’t handle basic objections and I accepted bullshit excuses. I was not as confident as usual. In fact, at my normal (non-vulnerable state) when people lie to me, I get seriously angry at them. Then I point at their lies and get them to apologize.

In business, I don’t accept:

  • Bullshit
  • Lies
  • Shady answers
  • Non-data driven answers

I lost the sale because I was vulnerable and weak.

The worst was just about to come. Because I was angry about the sale lost, I had to eat a cake. I went to Impresso. The waitress asked me which cake do I want to eat. I didn’t know. I couldn’t make a decision. (The waitress was laughing at me). “Such an indecisive man” – Seemed like she thought.

The vulnerability is a strength when you do self-analysis, yet a weakness when you close sales or order cakes.

In life, you need both – to understand yourself and to close sales. Shall you be vulnerable or confident? You should be able to change. You should be able to switch gears. So, as much as the vulnerability is a muscle, as much as confidence in sales is a muscle, switching gears between those is a muscle too.

Last week I made a tattoo on my hand, symbolizing the modern age Ying-Yang, which is a switch between the Hustle muscle and the Chill muscle. I took a picture while writing this post:

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-21 at 13.15.01
Few month ago, I also made a video about the fact that you need to learn how to switch inner gears:

The Conclusion: Sometimes we need to be a little bit harsh and confident. Sometimes we need to be weak and soft. The most important skill is to learn how to switch between these energies quickly. This is the ability to switch inner gears quickly. This is the ability to adjust to what you need at the certain moment.



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