Why Being Poor & Fat Is Not Your Fault (+ How To Change It Forever)

Are you poor and fat?

It’s your fault.

If nobody told you this before, then I am doing you a favor.

The more people tolerate your bullshit, the more comfortable you become with accepting not only the flaws that you can’t change but unfortunately those that you can!

As good as it is to develop self-acceptance of things you can’t control (like a chronic disease, deformed face, etc.) as much destructive it is for your self-improvement to accept flaws that you can control.


Because you are in control of the vast majority of the things that happen in your life.

You can believe that you are unlucky or you can think that the man is the master of his destiny. Guess, which one is more likely to make your life better? (No matter what is the debatable ultimate truth.)

As much as the life is unfair and as far as we don’t have the confirmed answer if we as humans are predestined, we are the architects of our fortune, if things just happened by random, if there is luck or not or if there are magic powers as far as I have realized for myself and for people in my surroundings:

My life significantly changed for the better since I’ve set my mindest to I am the architect of my fortune.

I made this post controversial by starting it by “Are you poor and fat? It’s your fault.” It is evident that it’s not always the fault of the obese are the unwealthy people that things are the way they are. Some people are sick. Some get chronic diseases. Some get depression. People have unequal chances. Some people are from Africa; some are born from Sheik family in Dubai. It is sad and not fair. We all know it.

In a way, it’s a good thing for the society that there is so much emphasis put on inequality. Humans became the most emphatic in the history. In another way, it’s not necessarily good for you as an individual that we tend to start accepting our manageable flaws.

We are becoming weak.