As Above So Below & Other Business Applications Of “Spiritual” Analogies, Entrepreneurs Should Know

Money, money, money, it’s so funny… but “do you think about something deeper than business sometimes?” – a friend asked me. “I do” – I answered. “In fact, I do this all the time”. First, let me tell you why you think of entrepreneurs as cold robots. The reality is as follows: the creation of assembly-line like robotic workflows and particular due-diligence of our systems is our key responsibility, our craft, and the unpleasant duty behind the success. An achievement considered vaguely as “an entrepreneurial success” isn’t caused by some kind of enlightening discovery of cosmic laws (such as the law of attraction) or some genius idea that the universe presented to us. Rather than that, it appears to be an accurate implementation of processes that work and clarity combined with committed industriousness directed towards a quantified benchmark over a long period of time. This is why most of the successful entrepreneurs (not “magical” instant success startup dreamers), that you see – are systems obsessed on the surface. It doesn’t make us less spiritual or less “seeking”. Almost every wildly successful entrepreneur I know has a very deep spiritual life, full of questioning and explorative attitude, directed at areas that most people never even think of. Now with that being said, let me tell you this: I connect almost everything I do with what people call “higher-level concepts” and it swells my life with an incomparable sense of exploration every single day. At the same time, I have to be aware that a lot of those ideas, as exciting as they sound to me, are vague, squeed by our perception, oftentimes are logically debunkable myths and most often are just underlying principles and suggestions that we can think of and explore (but not always directly apply to business). In today’s video, I am sharing some of the vague concepts that I’m exploring, every day – not to share business advice, not really to prove that “I have inner life besides business” but simply to share them as interesting ideas to think of.

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