Hey Tribers! Today we speak with TERUMI KAI from the Japanese Language Factory.

Terumi teaches you to speak Japanese in 2 months to either be able to find a better-paying job in Japan or so that you can integrate faster into the country’s daily life among other personal reasons.

If you are a language teacher/ or owner of a language teaching school stay tuned! In this video, we’ll find out about Terumi’s mindset, how she started teaching Japanese and building her agency, what the content of her course is and how she got to work around the world and enjoy location independence!

? ありがとう、また会いましょう!

So you have started a Tutoring business because you felt that it is a lucrative industry and you’re passionate about transmitting knowledge.

Therefore, you started a language school, teaching kids and adults STEM, coding, gardening, or even finance and crypto.

You’re doing an amazing job, and proof of that is: you’re getting your customers through word of mouth, referrals.

But then, you realize that 2 obstacles lie on your entrepreneurial journey.

1) Even though you put your heart into changing people’s vision of the world and developing new skills in them, you are not generating enough revenue.

2) You’re teaching anyone by yourself and easily get in the situation where you need to work 60h/week to keep track of your business’ progress because you do want to scale it to get more income.

In this post, based on the results and progress of our members in the very same industry we’ll talk about the 4 steps to transform Tutoring into a Tutoring company.

Positioning – Lead generation – Sales – Operations


What’s up tribers!

You just had a sales call, you felt like you did great, and that your prospect seemed very interested in a collaboration.

But then, at the end of the call, he asked for a proposal, and that was the moment when you knew you messed up because your prospect just vanished in thin air.

Nobody likes to be ghosted, especially after a sales call. The impostor syndrome kicks in: was I good enough? Did I actually make sense?

What should you do to avoid this situation to repeats itself? And how can you finally overcome that objection so that you manage to sell on the call and not after multiple follow-ups.

Here are some simple actionable steps to implement:

In this post, you’re going to find out how to upload your podcast on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon simultaneously.

All you need to do is upload your mp3 file on a hosting platform. In our case, we synchronized ours with Soundcloud.

Why is that useful? Because synchronizing 4 of your channels together greatly increases your SEO. If we would type 4x TribalMastermind and Jeff Bezos, well yes we will probably have his lawyers contacting us pretty quickly but it’d work!

Try typing TribalMastermind on your search engine to check. 😉

Congrats Terumi for closing 3x 3.5k $ deals in 1 week since you have joined! 

Hey Tribers, yes prospecting is mentally exhausting. 

You are setting multiple follow-up reminders in your CRM and your getting confused whereas your prospect still hasn’t seen your InMail or your connection request on Xing. 

And then, the magic happens. 

You find some great data scrapping tool and you begin exporting prospect lists, additionally, you just stumbled on prettyfunnels.com and drew a beautiful strategy on there but no calls booked and no returns just yet… 

“Time”, you think, “let’s give it some weeks or a month to make sure that I have relevant data before I make a change”

We have already talked about the importance of creating your customer journey -before, while, how, sales, after- 

To create an effective multiple touchpoints approach you need to see it as a puzzle:

Each piece is an interaction with your customer, that can be content, messages, emails, calls.. you name it. 

When the puzzle is complete your customer should look like this


Hey Tribers. Many entrepreneurs and digital marketers stopped prospecting after the LinkedIn update end of march.

We managed to keep it ongoing thanks to the sniper method, the website form funnels, interacting with our network…

Now, some of you simply don’t have time to post daily on the platforms and generate traction through content. What about ads?

Here’s the problem, you set an ad you got your first leads, they were unqualified, the leads cost you 40$ and you don’t EVEN KNOW why.

So you thought maybe there’s something wrong with my setup? Should I target another country? Why is the price per lead fluctuating so much?

No worries, we got your back. Here’s what we found out for you.

Or listen to the audio here:

End of March, LinkedIn announced a new update that sets the weekly invitation limit to 100.

The B2B specialized social network is progressively updating all its servers around the world, by the time you watch this video it’s probably already the case in your country.

Now, some of you were using Sales Navigator and automation tools to send over 150 connection requests per DAY. If you have a team of 5 lead generators, that’s 3’250 leads that you lose weekly.

Don’t worry.

At TribalMastermind, we have been prepared for this. Here are some tips you can follow so that your lead source doesn’t dry out.

You’ve heard that LinkedIn is the best business social media and that plenty of people use it to get leads.

You would like to do the same but you have some problems:

You have no idea how to use Linkedin. You don’t know how to be visible and crack the algorithm. You still use Linkedin as any other social media even though the usage is very different. You are unaware of all the possibilities and tools that this social media has to offer.

In this video, I’ll show 6 points you should be aware of to set up the best 2021 LinkedIn Profile.

Hey tribers, after receiving many messages from you asking me to review your profile I decided to make a video explaining the required features in order to have a top-notch 2021 Upwork profile.

“Is my profile good enough to attract my target?” “Do I need to have 5stars to be able to sell?” “Why don’t I have any customers interested in my profile even my low prices?”Have you ever wondered if your Upwork profile was good enough to retain your buyer’s attention?

All of those will be answered just here below:

Or, you could also listen to it: