You probably know that some skills are more valuable than others. Or in easier words: If you learn the right things, you will make more money than everybody else.

The question is: Where is the most money?

In every business, there are different pillars.

Delivery of the product/service is one. Sales and lead generation are other ones.

But what’s the most valuable?

I had a public speech in Barcelona, Spain and I talked about my business model, what part of the business I focus on and how I outsource tasks that have a low value.

If you want to start a business, if you work in a startup or if you hope to improve your skills

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Nazim is from Azerbaijan – to be honest, I’ve never heard of this country before I met him! But this is not the only thing I learned from him.

He became a member of our tribe a while ago, and he managed to build his business to multiple 6 figures! To be clear: 6 figures = 100,000 Dollars!

I did a live stream with him in which he shared his secrets how he grew his business. The things he told me were so awesome that I decided to share the entire interview again – in case you missed the live stream!

Check out How Nazim from Azerbaijan Built a Multiple 6-Figure Business:

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