“The Most Comprehensive Book About Creating and Managing Digital Marketing Agency While Traveling the World, Ever. Written Live Based on Real-Life Experiences of Matt & 232 Tribe Members.”

Pre-orders receive access πŸ”‘ to the online document, where I am writing ✍🏻 the book live. You can add comments, questions πŸ’­ and even request full chapters πŸ“– Join our early editors tribe!

Imagine The Freedom of Your Own Agency...

Take a call when you’re out in Saigon. Close a sale from your hotel room in Dubai. And do it all while leaving all your stuff behind. Now you have the freedom to work from anywhere with just your suitcase.

Hey Tribe! Matt here, Today I Wanted to Share a Story With You...

Four years ago I started my first marketing agency on my university campus. A few months later I’ve figured that this is my way. I dropped out of university to pursue my full-time entrepreneurial journey. One year later I’ve started a YouTube channel where I have been documenting my experiences. Over the next two years, the channel grew to 5K active subscribers. I have begun receiving more e-mails and Facebook messages than I can handle. People were asking a lot of similar questions, and I have started recognizing patterns. I decided to answer all your questions and write a book for you.

I was so confused...

I was so frustrated...

After going out by myself I connected with people from an underground forum who would end up becoming my business partners but also my best friends...

Alex was closing more than half a million $ per year in sales. He tought me sales…

My brother Mike was making more than $10k a month selling Facebook Ads in the UK. He tought me how to manage the business…

Tom was making $100k a month on online eduactional tools. He introduced me to the tribe…

Jonas was making more than $50k a month on animated explainer videos. He tought me how to manage the team…

Emmanuel was making more than $500k a month selling supplements. He thought me how to scale the business….

I was presented with a choice...

All change happen has to start on the inside first...

I am writting this book specifically for you to β€œtake you by the hand” through the ringer of crucial reference experiences that will reshape your reality drastically...

UpWork Funnel

Don't be a freelancer. Use freelancing platform to generate free leads.

LinkedIN funnel

Squeeze the most out of professional social network.

Getting paid online

Visa or Master? Get paid online. Set up automatic recurring payments.

Sales process

Close high-ticket sales from rooftop swimming pool.

βœ“ Bonus #1 Withdrawing money internationally without conversion fees

βœ“ Bonus #2 Create unlimited e-mail addresses automatically

Pre-orders receive access πŸ”‘ to the online document, where I am writing ✍🏻 the book live. You can add comments, questions πŸ’­ and even request full chapters πŸ“– Join our early editors tribe!

Here's the full breakdown of what you will find inside the book

Part 1: Before We Start – Your Mindset & Inner Game

  • Why Digital Marketing Agency is Absolutely The Best Business You Can Start Ever
  • Mindset Shifts Needed for a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Your First Steps for Transitioning from Freelancer/Employee to Business Owner
  • Work On The Business, Not in The Business - The Funnel Mindset
  • No Motivation? How to become passionate about your business?
  • Entrepreneurial ADD & The Shiny Object Syndrome - How to get clarity on what to do?
  • Should You Consume Free Online Content or Invest in Premium Information?

Part 2: Business Models

  • The 4 Pillars of Digital Marketing Agency Business Model
  • How To Choose a Service to Offer?
  • How to Choose a Niche to target?
  • Shall I Choose Only One Product & One Niche or Many?
  • What Is The Best Funnel to Start?
  • UpWork Funnel
  • How to Increase Your Response Rate on UpWork
  • Fiverr Funnel
  • LinkedIn Funnel
  • Content Funnel
  • Scalable VS Non-Scalable Models
  • RAPS - How to Generate Leads Repetitively, Automatically, Predictably & Scalably
  • Setting Up Your Recurring Income - How to Charge the Monthly Recurring Fee From $1000 to $5000
  • Approaching local markets (Cases of France, Germany, Poland an Norway)
  • Do You Need a Website? (The Answer is No if You Don't Want to Spend Time Reading This Sub-Chapter)
  • Will Changing Your Foreign Name Help Your Business?
  • How to Create Workflows? Introduction to Process Creation.
  • From Digital Marketing Agency to Your Own Product
  • Huge Wave Of Competition From Developing Countries In The Global Digital Gig Economy

Part 3: Sales

  • How to Price Your Services?
  • How to Warm Up Cold Leads - Creating Touch Points Before Sales & Branding
  • Preparation For Sales Calls
  • Step by Step Sales Process
  • The Empathetic Shark - Calibrating Your Confidence & Empathy
  • Doctor Frame - Don't Try to Sell. Help
  • Breaking The Ice
  • Establishing Ground Rules
  • Fencing off The Sheep - How to Qualify Prospects
  • Discovering Gold Nuggets & Diamonds - Pain & Pleasure
  • Socratic Questioning
  • The Pitch
  • Outcomes of The Sales Call
  • Tracking Sales Conversions & Improving Closing Rate
  • Managing Sales Team & Feedback

Part 4: Building Your Team & Outsourcing

  • Should You Work With Your Friends?
  • MDS - How to Create Fair Deals and Secure Contracts With Your Partners. The Introduction to the Micro Deal System
  • Project Management and Delegating Cycle
  • Hire one person or many people?
  • Make your team stay with you forever
  • How to hire students from Facebook groups
  • Employ good developers remotely
  • Agreements with your team. Where to get contracts from?
  • Recruitment funnel
  • Take back control of your time and stop working 16 hours a day
  • Getting out of the vicious circle of selling your time for money

Part 5: Apps, Books & Tools You Will Need

  • How to manage finances within your team?
  • How To Make & Receive Unlimited Free Calls All Around The World
  • Build Your Online Call Center - Outsourcing Inbound Calls
  • Managing Team and Time Zones
  • Recording all phone calls automatically for feedback purposes
  • Paying for things internationally
  • How to calculate real PayPal fees?
  • How to save on PayPal fees?
  • How to set up paypal subscriptions?
  • How to set up Stripe?
  • How to set up Moonclerk?
  • How to set up recurring fees?
  • Withdrawing money internationally
  • Create unlimited e-mail addresses automatically
  • Setting up automated booking tool
  • Complex Project Management of Multiple Projects and People

However ... once the pre-orders period is over the price of the book will go back to the normal price.

Today is the day you decide.
Right now, you have a decision to make...
But guys ... I need your full commitment on this one...

Pre-orders receive access πŸ”‘ to the online document, where I am writing ✍🏻 the book live. You can add comments, questions πŸ’­ and even request full chapters πŸ“– Join our early editors tribe!

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