Is Dating Or Relationship Better For Business? Advice For Busy Entrepreneurs

Dating or relationship when focusing on business full-on?

A lot of radically ambitious young entrepreneurs struggle to answer this question and more often than not – they conclude to stay alone.

No wonder. They want to put everything aside but their business, that is – wake up, gym, start working, finish 15 hours later to conceptualize the plan for tomorrow (in bed), fall asleep, occasionally invest 30 minutes of their time working on the Tinder/Messanger texting funnel to satisfy their physiological needs. Repeat.

This lifestyle means fewer distractions but as time goes, for some of them it might become less fulfilling.

They eventually come across somebody, who fills in that missing gap just to find themselves torn inside. They’re now torn between the full commitment to their business growth and the relationship that, as they perceive, pulls them away from achieving those, indeed, demanding goals.

(and when I say “demanding goals”, I’m not talking about digital nomads who want to make $2k per month or people who have jobs. I implying business goals of radically obsessed individuals who, at the time, are devoting the majority of their life to building an actual company).

Just like a lot of young guys (and girls) do, I struggled to manage my work obsession – relationship balance for years.

Here are some key pointers on what I’ve learned about the entrepreneurial-dating & relationship game over the last 4 years (from a workaholic geek’ perspective).

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