Hey Tribers! Today we speak with TERUMI KAI from the Japanese Language Factory.

Terumi teaches you to speak Japanese in 2 months to either be able to find a better-paying job in Japan or so that you can integrate faster into the country’s daily life among other personal reasons.

If you are a language teacher/ or owner of a language teaching school stay tuned! In this video, we’ll find out about Terumi’s mindset, how she started teaching Japanese and building her agency, what the content of her course is and how she got to work around the world and enjoy location independence!

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What’s up tribers? As a token of appreciation for following me, I decided to launch this new format where I will review and explain each chapter of my book “The 4-Pillar Digital Marketing Agency”. In this video, I walk you through the 7 essentials guidelines to become an entrepreneur: Focus, Habits, Practice, Not following your feelings, Speed of implementation, Raising your standards, and finally Investing in yourself. As mentioned in the video, the first version of my book is now available for FREE if you message me through Facebook or WhatsApp so don’t hesitate to send me a message.