Some time ago I purchased a few country domains with the word “Entrepreneur” in it. For example

I didn’t have a specific purpose why I needed it but I got excited by those benefits:

▲ I could improve the credibility of any of my future projects by adding a logo of the news website and saying: “as featured in”

▲ It improves the general SEO score to have a link to your website on another website

▲ I can build an actual news network in the future. People often come to Forbes or to similar magazines and pay them to be featured there (so that they can improve their credibility)

▲ I mainly bought domains for markets that I am personally interested in because of the growth of entrepreneurship as a desirable career choice in the last few years:

Once I secured domains, I’ve installed a minimal, news Word Press theme. Then I’ve uploaded all the demo content and installed plugins that this theme required. It took about 30-40′ and looked like this:

Then I thought that we are actually missing a news portal for Tribal Mastermind. It would add more sense of relevance to our communication. Today, I will instruct our development team to copy this news page and add it to our mastermind website. After all, I already made one episode of Tribal News in the past and had a lot of fun making it:

I’ve recorded this in Poland, where I have my lighting and green screen set up. I wanted to record another episode (and keep going) but it’s hard to find a good video set in Vietnam (where I am right now).

Until I’ll order one from abroad, I will keep working on the written edition of Tribal News. Once we launch it, it will be available at

P.S: You can now pre-order my book THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO STARTING A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY about bootstrapping and managing an online business while traveling the world. This will be my entire brain dump.

Pre-orders receive access 🔑 to the online document, where I am writing ✍🏻 the book live. You can add comments, questions 💭 and even request full chapters 📖