Do you have an Instagram account? If yes, are you a consumer, a producer, or both?

Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s still growing! Facebook is old school already, Snapchat has no real USP compared to Instagram. So if you are not using Instagram for branding and marketing of your business or your personal brand yet, you are missing out big time!

For all those who want to get started – In today’s video I share step by step instructions on how to share video content on Instagram. It’s a process that my team and I are doing daily. Here is the system that we created to make the workflow as simple as possible while getting a lot of value for the brand.






There is a simple method to scale your business using math, the business multiplication method (BMM).

Yes I know, I always preach against Business Universities and formal Business Education. I am against enforcing intelligent people to attend high school classes without the ability to chose what they want to learn etc…

However, I have nothing against math, chemistry, and biology (my most hated subjects from high school). In fact, I think all those subjects are fascinating and intriguing. The education system did a great job to present them as boring and inapplicable in real life.

Luckily, I am working hard to fix this emotional trauma not to be biased about the importance of real education.

Recently I fell in love with math because even though they lied to me at school, it can seriously change your life and business.

However, it turns out that you don’t have to learn quantitative methods, nor statistics. All you need is multiplying. Let me show you what I mean in today’s video!






“Make $3,485 online with this one simple method!” Fuck, that looks like a scam, right?

These days you see a lot of stuff like that. Gurus who pretend that they can make you rich fast. This is why many people have this feeling that online business is something weird. They equate making money online with a scam.

On the other hand, there are digital nomads traveling around and making money online. It is actually possible to make money online legitimately…

Now it’s time for some truth – What is an online business? How does it work? Most importantly, how can I distinguish a real functioning online business from some scam that is just trying to rip me off?

I have run an online business for many years now and I am surrounded by more than 200 online entrepreneurs in our tribe. That’s why over time I developed a good understanding for what online business models actually work and which ones that don’t work. Some of the models that don’t work, I had to find out the hard way by trying and failing terribly!

In today’s video, I share with you How to Really Start an Online Business and What Skills You Need to be Successful in That Field!






For most people (and probably for you as well) there are two phases in life: the phase of learning and the phase of earning. Why does that suck?

If you don’t know how to do things, you have to learn them first. People go to school, study, and then complete internships. That obviously sucks, because you don’t earn anything or maybe just a little money if that.

Now in the earning phase, it is the other way around. You get paid for what you deliver and your boss or your clients want you to work but they don’t care about you improving yourself.

Imagine there was a way to get paid for learning!

You could improve yourself, learn new skills, grow your business, and at the same time make money!

How do you accomplish this? Just copy the guys who sold shovels during the gold rush instead of digging for gold! In today’s video, I will explain How to Get Paid for Learning – Make Money Even if you are Just Starting Out!







Do you know that situation when somebody hands you over a contract and he wants you to sign it. You feel like – I don’t want to sign something that I don’t understand, but at the same time I don’t want to read this entire 28 page contract.

This happens to me all the time and I absolutely hate contracts.

Sadly, when you are starting a business there are lots of situations that require contracts, right?

Well, I found a system that works better than some legal documents. I call it the Micro Deal System or MDS for short.

I use it for contractors and freelancers I am working with.

I use it with business partners and even with clients. It is a system that brings all the advantages that contracts have (security, a definition of responsibilities, rules, etc.) but without being so complicated and scary.

Signing contracts sucks but not having any kind of agreement is risky and often leads to misunderstandings. That’s why the Micro Deal System is the best solution for every business owner and freelancer out there!

Check out today’s video: F*ck Contracts – Here is a Mind-blowing New System on how to Make Agreements.






I get this question a lot: Do I have to speak great English to run a business?

Many guys who aren’t native speakers have this problem. They want to target international markets, but their English is not perfect.

So how important is a perfect pronunciation and grammar? And what do you do to improve it? In today’s video, I talk about language skills in business!






In the last years, I have been living as a digital nomad and a traveling business owner. I have been living and working in more than 50 countries all over the world. Here is one thing that I realized: Every single country I have been to is awesome and all of them suck! What do I mean?

I learned that every country has a personality. I am not only talking about culture, history and the way people look! Like humans, every country has strengths and weaknesses. Here is how these traits affect your life:

I am from Poland and even though I love this country, there are some things that make living in Poland very difficult for me (and I am not only talking about the winter :D). That’s why I went to Germany, New Zealand, Vietnam, Romania, Spain and many other places in order to benefit from their advantages or escape from current countries disadvantages.

It’s the way business is handled, the way people think, the way society works. All these things are different wherever you go and they affect your life in various ways.

In today’s video, I will tell you what I loved and what I hated about the countries that I have been to! Check out what I think about your country!






Here is the framework I developed for you:…

I developed the WHY-FRAMEWORK for you! What the f*ck is that? It’s an exercise that might save your life!

I am not over exaggerating! If you don’t do it today, you might get into some serious trouble in a few years from now.

Okay, you will not literally die, but you might get into a situation in which you have basically wasted years of your life. Yes, you definitely want to avoid that! In today’s video, you will develop a different view of your personality, your goals, your strengths and your reason to work. You will discover your WHY.

Therefore I created a simple exercise, the Why Framework. It will help you reveal your true motivation (most people think they work or build a business because of money, but that’s NEVER the real reason)!

Why is that important?

Because you will put a lot of effort and energy into your work. You will hustle hard to climb your metaphorical mountain. Before you even start, you should make sure that you are climbing the right mountain!