Number 1: Tik Tok videos

Do you enjoy dancing? If so, why not get paid for it? This gig requires only 2 things – an ability to dance and a smartphone to record it!

Let’s go ahead to Fiverr and see how much money you can make with this. One of the first sellers that pops up has already sold 252 dance videos at the average price of $55 per piece.

That’s $13,860 and has multiple clients queuing to buy! 

The process is simple: You post a gig. The composers submit the song that they’ve just composed and they want to promote that song better with a video clip. You then come up with a choreography to dance to this song, record a video of yourself dancing and send the video to the client. 



Number 2: Unboxing products

Do you enjoy new tech gadgets and toys? If so here is an idea for you. Receive new products from producers who want to see reviews and reactions from the product users. All you need is a phone!

Let’s search for it on Fiverr and click on one of the sellers popping up who already sold 65 unboxing videos for the average price of $65 each. That’s $3965 and 10 product producers queueing to get their videos done! 

The process is simple: You post a gig. The producer ships the physical product to you. You then pull up your phone and record yourself unboxing this product. 

Now in my honest opinion this is a very average phone video and audio quality that anybody can sell. Anybody. Seriously. 

Once you earn the first money you can reinvest it to take this to the whole new level. 

You could then for example buy used Canon 60D for about $450, used Sigma 18-35mm lens for about $400, a tripod for about $50, wireless Comica microphone for about $150 and a teleprompter for about $150. 

Then you can offer to make high quality videos and read the specific scripts that business owners provide you with. Those usually range from 100 to 300 words. 

Here is an example of another seller who sold his video 1902 for the average price of $395 just reading scripts. That’s (over) $751,290. Let me repeat this – that’s $751,290. I’m not kidding. You can check all the links to gigs in the comments. I’m not photoshopping this. 


Listing 1:

Listing 2:

Number 3: Playing Video Games 

Are you good at any video game or at any craft or skill in general? Why not teach others? All you need is to be good at something and to have means of getting on coaching calls with your mentees, for example a Skype or Zoom account. 

Here is an example of a Fiverr seller teaching how to aim in first person shooters. There are 164 coaching sessions sold for the average price of $35. That’s $5,740. Best thing is that the coach doesn’t even need to spend time with each person 1on1 but apparently organizes group coaching at the set time. How efficient. 

The process is as follows: You search fiver to see if there is a demand for the skill that you have. You spot the demand simply by testing different searches and identifying how much money other sellers make on specific keywords that they use in their gig titles. 

If you search for something that is not in demand, you can slightly adjust your offering. For example instead of offering Counter Strike training, maybe there is more demand in more generic aiming training as in the previous gig example? 

You can also browse through Fiverr categories to get inspired. Interesting options are cooking, crafts, spirituality or dating. For example this girl made over $2 thousand dollars advising how to improve Tinder profiles and this one made over $5 thousand dollars casting psychic love spells to bring buyers’ ex back. I’m not kidding. All the links for the fact checkers in the description of this video. I don’t believe in magic but seeing this I certainly believe that there is a market for literally anything online.








Number 4: Recording Your Voice

Can you make a sexy late night DJ voice that sounds like this? If so, all you need is a quality microphone and a popper. I personally use Zoom H1n and the popper looks like this. As the name suggests, it prevents the microphone from recording the popping sounds when you are breathing into your microphone. 

Head to Fiverr and search for Voice over. You’re going to find a lot of sellers making more than $10,000 each reading scripts provided by the buyers out loud to their quality microphone. 

That’s it. All you need is a microphone and your voice and believe me – all accents find a fit, even German or Russian.





Number 5: Making Beats

Do you love music? Why not earn money while producing it. 

The bottom line is, you go to a website like Loopcloud (formerly known as Beatport sounds), you search for the beats that suit your project, purchase the beat license that allows you to use and publish those beats in your own mixes. Then you group them together in a computer software such as Garage Band. Here are examples of a few beats I purchased a few years back from Beatport and clarified that I can use those beats in my own mixes. I mixed them together with some free loops included in Garageband to make some sounds for my videos, whether I needed something cinematic, hiphop, oriental themed or even something darker or perhaps something funky when I DJ at a house party for fun or something like that. 

And by the way if you want to become a DJ, it’s simple too. You can go to a website like BeatPort Link or similar, then for about $30/a month you buy an unlimited license to a database of high quality songs that you can play using a simple deck such as this PIONEER DDJ. I’m not saying that you will make any real money that way but if you want to DJ just for fun then this is 80% of what you need to know. You’re welcome.

and here are a few more ideas:

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