Hey Tribers, how passionate are you about your business?

Every ship needs a captain and if as a business owner you don’t assume that role then your ship is going to wreck.

In this video I’ll tell you what led me to take decisions to completely redesign the structure of my companies and their success.

These days, people reach out to me because they are so passionate about their businesses that they don’t realize they are omitting a lot of important points that everyone should do before it’s too late.

When is it too late? And before everything what should you do to avoid your company crashing?

Check out this video or the audio and get in touch with us in our group to share your personal story with like-minded people. Talking with the right people will bring you the right solutions.

What’s up tribers?

Lately, I have realized that stress hindered me to see the bigger picture.

So I decided to analyze why am I experiencing stress? How should I counter it? And before everything, what should I take into consideration to make the most effective decision?

In this post, I will bring you to the worst scenario that could happen to me, and I’ll show you what I say to stress. ✌️

In this video, I want to encourage you to limit any negative information that is coming into your life.
Don’t be affected by the negative information. Stay focus on the important things like money-making, customer success, personal development…
1.You can do it by limiting distractions

  1. You need to make conscious effort not to look at advertising
  2. Limit the people you are surrounding yourself with

In this video, I want to show you that attitude matters.
A lot of people that we work with actually know how to run their business.
But they don’t grow for some reason. And this is why attitude matters.
The key focus is on your mindset.
You should focus on the one thing don’t switch.
Create your processes with the team and figure out what really works.
Last but not least, don’t undercharge your customers and deliver the best service.

In today’s video, I want to share with you a few learnings and lessons. Do your morning affirmations. Tell yourself things like ,,I’m awesome” or ,,I’m worthy of success” Don’t let the ego bring you down. The second learning is sales. Charge people based on the value you provide. Focus on bringing success to your clients. Sales is a number game meaning the more people you approach the more people you convert. Everything is a funnel.

This is about the Funnel junkie mindset. I call it like this because it’s kind of an addiction where you are constantly trying to find new funnels and try to improve them. What you should do the most of your day is figuring out a Funnel. This is the most important bottleneck for People who have their business.

Happy New Year to all of you! In this video, I want to introduce my business partner John. He will be also an instructor in tribalmastermind. We also want to share our goals for 2021 and how to start your business in 2021 with a Boom. Extremely Important is your Personal growth. Be radical honest to yourself and set clear priorities. Cut off negativity out of your life like negative thinking, people, and self-sabotage. You need to learn sales and marketing in 2021, if you know how to market yourself, it can change your life.

Most freelancers and starting entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing when they start their business.
In this video, I want to show you how to focus on things that matter without wasting your time with things that don’t matter. So what matters? What matters is the bottlenecks. Those are the parts of your system that are just too tied for the business to run. For example, you have a lot of time and you can take on all sales calls unfortunately you are developer and you have few developers who have time as well to take on projects, but you don’t have enough people booking those calls. So your bottleneck the is lead generation. But this bottlenecks can also happen with your lifestyle. Start looking at the assembly line and focus on finding those bottlenecks. Focus on the bottlenecks and fix them. Repeat.

Most of the people who set ambitious goals spend 80% of their time stressing about that goal instead of on the work towards it. Why is this so? Because stress makes them feel paranoid or even “frozen”. Their minds feel heavy and they are not quick at their work. This video’ll show you how to become a high performer by achieving ambitious goals while staying lightweight, positive, and outcome-independent.

I’ll show you how to:
– direct your energy into your work, not into your worries (and subsequently stop feeding your ego)
– “unfreeze” yourself from feeling paranoid
– elevate your mood and change your identity to a positive person that is capable of achieving highly set goals
– develop an inner sense of trust in yourself to elevate to the next level …and all this without giving up on your ambitious goals!