What are the 2 aspects of a sales call that are always needed to successfully close sales calls?

In this video, you will hear a live sales webinar training hosted by 3 successful online business owners. Not only do they provide techniques and strategies to close sales, but they also provide some good analogies that you may use in your sales script as well.

It’s all about providing value on a sales call to properly identify the problems and determine what they are trying to achieve. Ask the proper questions, build rapport, but be sure not to provide solutions until you are working with them.

What are 3 ways you can improve your sales calls?

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: 2 Rules to Successfully Close Sales Calls (+ Live Webinar Sales Training with Q&A)







How many times have you conducted an awesome sales call and when you are ready to close you hear, “I Need to Think About It”?

Before you can begin to increase your closing rate on sales calls, you first need to understand their mindset. From there you can ask certain questions to pre-qualify your potential client and essentially pre-handle objections before they arise.

In the event this is still an issue, then you need to find out why they are really objecting. If they are in fact the decision maker, they really don’t need to discuss it with anyone else or think it over as long as you have provided the information needed to make an informed decision.

What questions can you ask to avoid these pitfalls?

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: 4 Questions You Should Always Ask to Overcome the Think About It Objection