What are the 2 aspects of a sales call that are always needed to successfully close sales calls?

In this video, you will hear a live sales webinar training hosted by 3 successful online business owners. Not only do they provide techniques and strategies to close sales, but they also provide some good analogies that you may use in your sales script as well.

It’s all about providing value on a sales call to properly identify the problems and determine what they are trying to achieve. Ask the proper questions, build rapport, but be sure not to provide solutions until you are working with them.

What are 3 ways you can improve your sales calls?

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: 2 Rules to Successfully Close Sales Calls (+ Live Webinar Sales Training with Q&A)







How many times have you conducted an awesome sales call and when you are ready to close you hear, “I Need to Think About It”?

Before you can begin to increase your closing rate on sales calls, you first need to understand their mindset. From there you can ask certain questions to pre-qualify your potential client and essentially pre-handle objections before they arise.

In the event this is still an issue, then you need to find out why they are really objecting. If they are in fact the decision maker, they really don’t need to discuss it with anyone else or think it over as long as you have provided the information needed to make an informed decision.

What questions can you ask to avoid these pitfalls?

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: 4 Questions You Should Always Ask to Overcome the Think About It Objection







Have you ever had a great sales call with a potential client but you were not able to close them?

You don’t need any hard sales tactics to close prospects. On the contrary, you need to have a genuine conversation and authentic approach.

Rather than trying to sell them, you should be trying to identify ways to help them and if it’s not in your wheelhouse then be honest and give them some direction even if it’s not within your products or services.

With that being said, there are four qualifiers that need to be met when working with a potential client.

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: Qualifying your Prospects (+ Live Sales Webinar)







Do you want to consistent income every month?

With recurring monthly revenue, you can (for the most part) count on that income every month. This gives you a number of benefits including:

• business planning & strategy
• budgeting & forecasting
• determining recruiting needs
• customer retention
• consistent work for your team/employees

Generating recurring revenue may be much easier if your online business provides services such as Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, etc. but if your business model is based on one-time sales, this may be more difficult.

In order to implement recurring services you ultimately have to provide value for an on-going basis which can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. You also need to know how to set up invoicing and payment processing and those needs may vary depending on countries your company does business with.

Learn all about how to implement recurring income with your online business along with some helpful tips on automation and reducing your payment processing fees in today’s video: Generate Recurring Income for Your Online Business (+ Tips on Automation & Lower Processing Fees)







Do you want to scale your business?

Well, in order to know that you first have to learn how to calculate your conversion rate.

Learn how simple math will show you the true value of each lead. You can even calculate the actual cost to get one potential customer to your website.

These calculations will also help you determine which sales funnels are operating more efficiently as well or which funnels you need to adjust.

Once you know your conversion rates, then you will be able to determine the number of leads required to reach your financial goals on a monthly basis.

Learn all about conversion rates along with additional tips on creating a recruitment funnel and scaling your business in today’s video: How to Calculate Your Sales Conversion Rate (+ Tips on Scaling Your Online Business)







Alright, guys, I have to confess something that you have probably never expected to hear from me:


Whaaaaaaat? Did Matt Laker just say that? The guy who is talking about how you can make a lot of money on Upwork in every second video?

Yes. I did. But I have my reasons for it.

First of all just to clarify that: You CAN build a business based on Upwork, many people in our tribe and I have built a 6-figure business with the Upwork funnel.

BUT: There are many reasons why Upwork is not the best choice for you.

In today’s video, I will not only share the main issues that you will face on Upwork but also what are better alternatives if you want to find clients online!






What is your FAVORITE GAME of all time?

Comment below!

This question might sound trivial, at first but, what if you could copy mechanisms of your favorite game and use them in real life?

Think about how AWESOME it was to increase your income in SimCity and Monopoly. Think about how EXCITING it was to UNLOCK and EXPLORE new areas on the map in GTA San Andreas. It was such a CHALLENGE to get to a BOSS LEVEL in Super Mario. Do you remember that feeling of being the best player in Counter-Strike or Call of Duty Multiplayer?

Playing those games was ADDICTING and somehow REWARDING as well. Your parents couldn’t get you out of your bedroom and then you had to grow up.

You started focusing on making money for a living. You had to go to work with a corporation or start a business.

Ughhhhh….Life stopped being as exciting. Life was no longer a game and it became a constant grind.

So how is it possible that all the millionaires say that, “Life is a game”? What fucking game are they playing in this workload of boredom?

The Millionaires trick is to make their life a game.

Hmmm…so what if it was possible to turn everything that you don’t like doing (but you know you should) into an EXCITING game?

What if you could feel like PLAYING a game instead of working and you were waking up every day feeling HYPED to start playing again?

What if you could copy the mechanisms of your favorite games and actually them in your work life?

It is possible thanks to Gamification and all you have to do is to understand the underlying game mechanisms and apply them in your daily life.






If you are not familiar with sales, this situation will most likely happen at some point during the sales process:

One day you will have two people on a call or two different types of decision makers. Maybe they are business partners, maybe one is the CEO and the other is the marketing director, or perhaps it’s just your potential client and their spouse.

It will definitely happen and there is a big difference between selling to one or two people, especially if they have different personalities!

Imagine one person on the phone is very emotional and one is very logical. One perspective or point of view that may convince one of them but it may also make the other one feel uneasy or oppositional.

So how do you handle this?

In today’s video, I explain the approach of closing sales over the phone if you must speak with two people with different personalities at the same time.






There is a simple method to scale your business using math, the business multiplication method (BMM).

Yes I know, I always preach against Business Universities and formal Business Education. I am against enforcing intelligent people to attend high school classes without the ability to chose what they want to learn etc…

However, I have nothing against math, chemistry, and biology (my most hated subjects from high school). In fact, I think all those subjects are fascinating and intriguing. The education system did a great job to present them as boring and inapplicable in real life.

Luckily, I am working hard to fix this emotional trauma not to be biased about the importance of real education.

Recently I fell in love with math because even though they lied to me at school, it can seriously change your life and business.

However, it turns out that you don’t have to learn quantitative methods, nor statistics. All you need is multiplying. Let me show you what I mean in today’s video!






Every freelancer and every business owner knows this situation. You are talking to a lead, a potential client. You do a sales call, you consult him, you make him an offer, and then there is this very famous objection:

“I need to talk to other freelancers first. I will get back to you.” You put in all this effort to get the guy on the phone, you invested an hour or more to get him on board, and now he wants to talk to five other guys. There is a high chance you will never hear from him again.

How do you solve this problem?

There are two ways to deal with this situation. You can pre-handle this objection or you can use a so-called tripwire to get the client on board with you.

In today’s video I will discuss objection handling on sales calls, specifically how to handle the, “I want to check out some other offers first” objection.