Do you know that feeling? You are applying for a job, sending a proposal to a potential client and then you have to wait. Sadly most of the times you don’t even get an answer.

That’s what many people experience on platforms like Upwork. A friend recently told me that he only got 1 reply out of 60 proposals! How do you resolve this?

Here is the problem with Upwork; whenever somebody posts a job offer, he will receive A LOT of proposals – A LOT! He will not waste his time and answer 100 proposals, he most likely won’t even read all of them! So how do you become one of the few guys who gets an answer?

To get there, you first have to understand Upwork algorithms and see the entire process from a client’s perspective. I used a few simple methods to increase my response rate to 20%!

In today’s video, I share these techniques with you.









You shouldn’t build a business based on Upwork! Yes, I really just said that!

Matt Laker, doing countless videos about “how to make 8k per month on Upwork” and “how to find clients on Upwork” just said that an Upwork business is not the best idea? WTF?

Why would I say that?

Here is my real opinion on Upwork. In today’s video “Should You Quit Upwork? – How to Get Recurring Clients and Build a Real Business”






“I will bring 10,000 Dollars to your business……within the next 2 months!”

If you promise clients something like that, they will hire you! Everybody likes to make money fast. So just tell clients that you will make them A LOT of cash and you will start closing sales, right?


Here is what’s going to happen next: you have to deliver, and if you can’t keep up with these promises, the client will be disappointed. Maybe he will give you a bad review; perhaps he will even sue you. You know what the problem is?

Even if you make the client 8,000 Dollars within the next 2 months or 10,000 Dollars within the next 3 months, you did a fantastic job – but you under delivered. Your client will be mad, and he has every right! So what’s the solution?

Under promise? Tell the client that you will help him to make at least some money sometime in the future, probably!?

Yes, this way it’s hard to under deliver, but at the same time, you will not get any sale like this.

Here is the real solution: If you want to close sales without overpromising, you have to learn how to handle expectations.

Recently one of my tribe members asked me how to do that on one of our weekly calls. I decided to share this call to give value to everybody out there who wants to learn expectation management!

Check out my advanced sales training: Your Clients Will Love You – How to Manage Expectations in Sales







Most people see Upwork as a freelancing platform. They beg clients to give them a job and earn peanuts on the services that they offer.

My approach has always been a bit different. I considered myself as a business owner instead of a little freelancer.

This approach made me more than $8,000 per month only using Upwork as a lead generation source.

I built my entire online business based on the strategies that I implemented. In today’s video, I share the game-changing ideas that make the big difference between a delivery guy and a serious business owner.

Here are Matt Laker’s Upwork secrets!






The job market is crazy! The competition is insane!

I recently posted a job offer on Upwork, and an hour later I had more than 60 people applying for this Job! SIXTY!

Are you trying to find clients online? How is it even possible for you to get good jobs with competition like that?

The problem is that on platforms like Upwork, you are competing with freelancers and business owners from all over the world. You are fighting against other freelancers who charge half of your price because they are living in cheap countries. So how do you get the job anyway?

It’s simple: You need to have a better profile than the other guys. And by better I mean a profile that makes clients trust you, that shows them to read in between the lines, and that you are the right choice!

In today’s video, I give you step-by-step advanced knowledge on how to level up your profile on Upwork.

If you are a freelancer or a business owner then you HAVE to check this out! These are the techniques that I have been using successfully for many years and that helped me to build a 6-figure business!





You all know LinkedIn, but you probably don’t use it the way that you should!

This is not your fault! You just do what everybody else is doing there. Here is what most people do: They use it as a social media platform to connect with people, post and consume content, maybe present themselves as experts or even look for employees.

This way they waste the huge secret potential that LinkedIn has.

In today’s video, I show you a few simple tricks how to set up your profile to create leads.

Here is an Unusual Way to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Brings Tons of Clients (Step by Step!)







Sales is a very complicated process, right?




What people say is that you need to know a lot about psychology, you need to use all the tricks and techniques to master sales. Actually, that is already step two! What’s most important first, is that you understand the base behind sales.


You need to understand what’s the client’s perspective, even before you get on a call with them.


I invented a very simple analogy of fishing and cooking fish. Sounds weird? Here is how I would explain the foundation of sales to a fisherman:


Sales Explained With Fish – The Weirdest And Easiest Way to Understand How Sales Work





Isn’t that the dream? Having people, that make money for you? It’s actually not a dream; these guys are called sales people!

That’s why I get this question a lot: “How can I hire sales guys online?”

I did sales myself for a very long time until I understood something that changed my approach towards sales forever. Yes, sales is one of the most important pillars of every business, but at the same time, it is very time-consuming.

Sales makes money, yes, but it doesn’t grow the business.

At the same time, it is cheap to outsource sales if you hire your sales guys based on commissions.

The only question is: How can I hire my salespeople?

In today’s video, I share the recruitment funnel that I use and give some hands-on knowledge about hiring sales people.

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