Yellow Glasses
In one of the episodes of the first season of Tribal Bootcamp, you could’ve seen one guy wearing them, every afternoon. I’ve tried them on this week. I don’t know if this works, but certainly, placebo and psychological anchoring help as well.

It’s medically proven to work. It’s good. It makes you calm and relaxed in a natural way. Also, it helps to cure depression and anxiety. My grandma does it too.

Sleeping Mask
The darker the room – the better your sleep.

Connect the computer to a LAN cable – don’t rely on wifi

Download YouTube videos from

Set a shortcut command + shift + 1 to copy screenshot in your clipboard

Use TranslateTab app for instant translations from your clipboard

Use coinverter for instant currency conversion in your dock

It’s OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to waste $1k on Facebook ads or 8 work hours on something that didn’t really make much sense BUT it’s certainly NOT OK to not take a lesson out of this.

My philosophy, as well as the philosophy that we’re nourishing in Tribal Mastermind, is that you should:

  1. Set a goal and try doing something to achieve it
  2. Measure everything you do to later analyze and understand what could’ve been done better
  3. Post it as a question in the group, along with the data gathered
  4. Receive feedback
  5. Repeat the process with discovered improvements applied

One of the new members of Tribal Mastermind does it for living. She builds massive dashboards for CEOs of tech companies to measure and visualize everything that is happening in their business. How cool is that? Pretty cool. It makes you feel like your business dashboard is a dashboard in your favorite video game – and games are fun. So is the business (as long as you have a cool dashboard).

Inspired by her (but also by my life philosophy to measure everything and the two of our core tribal value pillars: efficiency and control), I’ve started drawing the complete eco-system of the funnel that Tribal Mastermind has.

I used my favorite tool – to first visualize our funnels but it turned out that they are too complex to visualize them on a 2D surface. So I visualized them on a 3D surface. It did help my neural network to alter the understanding of our funnels. Perhaps because they indeed look like a neural network:

But the next thing I did is I looked into raw data. It’s a groundwork yet it’s most important. The general aim is simple: You want to maximize the X number of visits on your pages and the conversion rate (by your target audience). You can do it by maximizing the quality of your content, targetting the right people and of course by maximizing the frequency of showing your content.

Maximizing the frequency of showing your content
You start with understanding the lifestyle of your customer avatar. What time do they wake up, and what up to they open first right after they open their eyes? Do they poop at work or at home? What app do they use as they are enjoying their time in a toilet? Wait…what? Yes. It sounds like a joke but common sense is a serious part of your customer avatar analysis. 42% of smartphone users use their phones while in a toilet. Ok… I made that number up, but it kind of makes sense, right? Here is what a day of my customer avatar (the subject) looks like:

  • Wake up and check their Facebook messenger
  • Breakfast while checking their Facebook feed
  • iTunes Podcasts/ Spotify/ SoundCloud while on the way to their work/university
  • Check E-Mail as a first thing at work
  • Check Linkedin messages and feed to procrastinate and avoid working
  • Go to the toilet and take their smartphone with them, answer Whatsapp messages and check Instagram
  • Go home and go to sleep while watching YouTube on their iPad before they fall asleep

We’ve now discovered locations where we can establish report (create touchpoints) with the subject. This means that every day I should

  • Post on Facebook
  • Post a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify
  • Send an e-mail to the list
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Post on Instagram
  • Publish a YouTube video

There are two ways to do it. One is to constantly create new content – it helps to stay relevant and on the cutting edge. The second one is to automate content marketing.

  • Post on Facebook → Run Facebook Ads using the most converting posts. Therefore you no longer need to create new videos to attract the audience to your posts. However, you will still need to write posts to keep your content relevant.
  • Post a podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify → Convert all your videos into podcasts
  • Send an e-mail to the list → Create E-Mail automation that every new subscriber is signed up for. Create a daily e-mail that sends them value. Never create a new e-mail without adding it to the automation. Therefore you’re building an infinite stream of content ♾
  • Post on LinkedIn → Copy all YouTube and Facebook content to LinkedIn. Use bots to constantly add new audience (check if it’s still allowed, however).
  • Post on Instagram → Repurpose your content to Instagram by chopping off the best part of your video (posts). You can try what people enjoyed by using YouTube analytics, tools like HotJar or simply by reading comments and understanding what do people resonate with the most.
  • Publish a YouTube video → Run YouTube Ads using the most converting videos. Therefore you no longer need to create new videos to attract the audience to your channel. However, you will still need to make videos to keep your content relevant.

So let’s start with the most common problem:

“I don’t have enough equipment to record content”.

Not a problem. Here is the solution:


Do you know what awesome socks are and what they look like?

Aside from great fashion from Matt and Jonas, these proven travel tips will help ensure your trip is efficient and productive. Whether your travel is domestic or international, these helpful travel tips will come in handy.

Also in this video, you will listen to a discussion as they prepare for a joint webinar sales call. Here you will see behind the curtain as to why each of their specialties in B2B (business to business) sales and B2C (business to consumer) sales skills will be demonstrated during the webinar for others to learn from.

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What are the 2 aspects of a sales call that are always needed to successfully close sales calls?

In this video, you will hear a live sales webinar training hosted by 3 successful online business owners. Not only do they provide techniques and strategies to close sales, but they also provide some good analogies that you may use in your sales script as well.

It’s all about providing value on a sales call to properly identify the problems and determine what they are trying to achieve. Ask the proper questions, build rapport, but be sure not to provide solutions until you are working with them.

What are 3 ways you can improve your sales calls?

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Have you ever needed or taken time to disconnect from life and reflect?

During this travel vlog, I will update you on my trip to Koh Phangan Island where I visited a meditation retreat. I have found meditation to be extremely beneficial in many areas of life along with being a natural solution to your well-being.

After that, I spent some time around the island on a rented Honda Rebel motorcycle. While roaming around the island, I met other digital nomads who told me about an awesome co-working space right on the water.

From there, I continued on to Bangkok to meet with some friends before returning back home to Saigon.

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Have you ever lost an employee or freelancer just before a large project or at a crucial point in a project?

Do you want to prevent employee turnover and ensure loyalty from your team members?

If this has ever happened to you, then you can understand how turnover affects profit as well as the ability to provide an excellent customer experience.

Learn about the difference in the employee/freelancer mindset and how to provide your team with a secure sense of stability in today’s video: How to Build a Loyal Team that Loves Working for You (Outsourcing Advice by Matt Laker)







Johnny FD is the definition of a true renaissance man as he makes income from a number of sources such as dropshipping, Udemy courses, Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, etc. On top of that, he has other interests like travel, Muay Thai boxing, scuba diving, building bamboo homes, and so much more.

Riley Bennett from Livin’ That Life joins us as well and tells how he learned about Johnny FD and was inspired to live a similar lifestyle as a digital nomad.

We cover topics including:
-The current state of digital marketing
-Digital nomad lifestyle benefits
-The downsides of the lifestyle such as loneliness and lower/realistic income expectations
-Emerging new destinations for potential nomad communities
-Overcoming failures

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: Being a Digital Nomad – 3 Full-Time Travelers on Freedom Business (with Johnny FD & Riley Bennett)







Alright, guys, I have to confess something that you have probably never expected to hear from me:


Whaaaaaaat? Did Matt Laker just say that? The guy who is talking about how you can make a lot of money on Upwork in every second video?

Yes. I did. But I have my reasons for it.

First of all just to clarify that: You CAN build a business based on Upwork, many people in our tribe and I have built a 6-figure business with the Upwork funnel.

BUT: There are many reasons why Upwork is not the best choice for you.

In today’s video, I will not only share the main issues that you will face on Upwork but also what are better alternatives if you want to find clients online!





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