Your Clients Will Love You – How to Manage Expectations in Sales (Matt Laker on a Tribe Call)

“I will bring 10,000 Dollars to your business……within the next 2 months!”

If you promise clients something like that, they will hire you! Everybody likes to make money fast. So just tell clients that you will make them A LOT of cash and you will start closing sales, right?


Here is what’s going to happen next: you have to deliver, and if you can’t keep up with these promises, the client will be disappointed. Maybe he will give you a bad review; perhaps he will even sue you. You know what the problem is?

Even if you make the client 8,000 Dollars within the next 2 months or 10,000 Dollars within the next 3 months, you did a fantastic job – but you under delivered. Your client will be mad, and he has every right! So what’s the solution?

Under promise? Tell the client that you will help him to make at least some money sometime in the future, probably!?

Yes, this way it’s hard to under deliver, but at the same time, you will not get any sale like this.

Here is the real solution: If you want to close sales without overpromising, you have to learn how to handle expectations.

Recently one of my tribe members asked me how to do that on one of our weekly calls. I decided to share this call to give value to everybody out there who wants to learn expectation management!

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