Is Your Country Good to Start a Business? Where do Digital Nomads go?

In the last years, I have been living as a digital nomad and a traveling business owner. I have been living and working in more than 50 countries all over the world. Here is one thing that I realized: Every single country I have been to is awesome and all of them suck! What do I mean?

I learned that every country has a personality. I am not only talking about culture, history and the way people look! Like humans, every country has strengths and weaknesses. Here is how these traits affect your life:

I am from Poland and even though I love this country, there are some things that make living in Poland very difficult for me (and I am not only talking about the winter :D). That’s why I went to Germany, New Zealand, Vietnam, Romania, Spain and many other places in order to benefit from their advantages or escape from current countries disadvantages.

It’s the way business is handled, the way people think, the way society works. All these things are different wherever you go and they affect your life in various ways.

In today’s video, I will tell you what I loved and what I hated about the countries that I have been to! Check out what I think about your country!