Deadmau5 – How to Create a Cult Like a Pro (Insights Into Branding Without Marketing by Matt Laker)


Flashing Lights

And a Crazy Huge Mouse Head

I experienced it myself.



I went to a Deadmau5 live concert in Saigon and it was insaaaaane. After leaving the event I felt hyped and like I am part of something bigger.


The next day I started researching about this guy. Why did the concert flash me like that?


I realized that this DJ has one of the most unique marketing strategies that I have ever seen. I decided to call the guys who are responsible for marketing Deadmau5 in new markets like Vietnam. Next day I scheduled an Interview with one of them…


I got amazing insights into the way that his branding works – and how he does marketing without doing marketing…


Now here is the best part: Many of these strategies are applicable to any kind of business. I actually learned a lot about how to market myself and promote my businesses in order to create true fans and followers.


Check out the video about Deadmau5 – How to Create a Cult Like a Pro