How Entrepreneurs Waste Their Life – What You Should Know About Yourself BEFORE Starting a Business

Here is the framework I developed for you:…

I developed the WHY-FRAMEWORK for you! What the f*ck is that? It’s an exercise that might save your life!

I am not over exaggerating! If you don’t do it today, you might get into some serious trouble in a few years from now.

Okay, you will not literally die, but you might get into a situation in which you have basically wasted years of your life. Yes, you definitely want to avoid that! In today’s video, you will develop a different view of your personality, your goals, your strengths and your reason to work. You will discover your WHY.

Therefore I created a simple exercise, the Why Framework. It will help you reveal your true motivation (most people think they work or build a business because of money, but that’s NEVER the real reason)!

Why is that important?

Because you will put a lot of effort and energy into your work. You will hustle hard to climb your metaphorical mountain. Before you even start, you should make sure that you are climbing the right mountain!