Every Business Needs Fighters and Builders – Which Type are you?


What’s your personality, are you a fighter or a builder?

Here is the difference:

Fighters are the guys who take risks, who make decisions fast, who are not afraid of changes, and find new ways to get things done.

Builders are the ones that create a structure, build systems, they are very organized, and responsible. They make rational decisions and are able to understand complex situations.

Here is the important part: Every business needs both types! All the efforts and the creative outcome of the fighters is useless if you don’t have builders who put these ideas into a structure. Also, the builders are lost without somebody leading the way and pushing the business forward.

The problem is that most people are either a fighter or a builder, not both. So what can you do in business or in life if you lack the skills of the opposite type?

In today’s video, I share what my type is and how I implement both ways of thinking into my business!