Earn More Respect – How to Feel Great About Yourself & Your Business

It pisses me off when I hear my tribe members are being treated badly.

During my webinar today, one of our tribe members was explaining the situation that he got on a sales call with one of his leads.

The lead informed him at the beginning of the call (during the qualification phase) that he is going to interview few other freelancers before moving forward (paying).

The mistake that our tribe member did was that he agreed to move forward with this call.

It is not recommended to go forward with the call with the person who is telling you that they are not going to buy anything from you.

Imagine someone telling you “Hey, I am going to waste your time to do my market research for free.”

As, if your internet connection, phone and time were completely free.

By the way, there are four basic qualificators:

1. Urgency (In this case, the lead didn’t want to go through with the purchase urgently – instead he tried to do the market research).

2. Importance

3. Decision Making

4. Money

We are not going to go through qualificators in depth, to focus on the topic of people disrespecting you.

So, the person on the call is not qualified.

Then you are not moving forward.

If they want to make the market research, they can do it and then get back to you.

To give you a hands-on solution, here is what you do:

You get $100 to prepare the draft plan for the project to get them invested. You invest your time in drafting an idea.

Why is this a good solution?

Because you will be the last one they talk to after the market research.

This way, you are capable of handling their objections.

They can’t say: “Hey, I am going to talk to someone else.”

So, why did our tribe member agreed to continue the call?

Because “he needed money.”

So neediness is the ultimate problem in sales and business in general.

How not to feel needy?

Don’t spend all the money you have so you are not in need to get them. So you are not begging your clients for money like a weasel.

It gets harder when you have to deal with your business partners because the problem gets to the much deeper level.

You don’t want people to dislike you. You don’t want people not to love you.

Why though?

Are you not good enough? Are you not self-worth? Are you hurting people? Are you a criminal?

Perhaps not. Perhaps you are a productive member of the society that is putting a lot of effort into bringing VALUE to your clients;

Why bother with being worried that you are not good enough then?

You are awesome! Don’t beg people for their love, attention, and acceptance.

Trust me, if people like you, they will want you and if they don’t give a damn about you, they will not anyway.

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