Reignite Your Flame (In Edit)

I’m still writing this one folks, so those are just my notes:

People lose motivation and their internal fire. Sometimes they call it the mid-life crisis and sometimes they call it something else. The bottom line is that those times call for calibration of their internal compass.

1. Knowing What You Want Increases The Chance Of Getting It

“Don’t complain that you didn’t end up where you wanted if you didn’t even set the direction in the first place”

2. Make The Plan On How To Get There

Most of the things that you do are useless. Once you realize this, you’ll start rejecting most tasks and focus.

Most often you don’t “eat that frog” meaning that you come up with a bunch of useless tasks to avoid putting in the time into the important task that matters.

Here are the tools that’ll help you get there:

  1. Trust Your Data
    – Don’t believe in your mood
    – Pain is not an indication that you do something wrong (ex. feeling uncomfortable on a sales call or being at the gym) but neither it is an indication that you do something right (ex. working hard on the wrong thing)
    – Copy-paste what works: Replicate what worked for you (or others) before
    – Don’t you EVER change what works (and retrieve it if you did)
  2. Time and Money
    – Calculate your real hourly rate by dividing your monthly revenue by the monthly amount of hours you work
    – Set an aspiring hourly rate for yourself to help filter which tasks you perform and which you don’t
    You outsource what is below your real hourly rate. For example:
    – Invest in services that buy you more time in which you can generate a higher dollar per hour, such as a cook or a cleaner but don’t pay people if you are not earning more than them per hour
    – Invest in paying people who replicate you, performing set processes instead of you so that you can focus on higher dollar tasks
    and you don’t do what is below your aspired hourly rate.
    Let’s say you calculated your real hourly rate at $50 per hour but you’ve set your aspiring hourly rate at $5000. If somebody offers you to clean your house for $10 per hour, it is profitable for you at $40 because for this $10 investment you can make $50 back. On the other hand, if there is a task in your business that is ex. write a copy for your landing page that could be outsourced at $500 per hour but your aspiring rate is $5000 then you found something that you can not afford but is below your aspiration.
  3. Leverage Being A Solo Entrepreneur
    You can offer higher ticket tailored services and create an authentic personal brand behind your company.
  4. Resistance To Failure
    Statistically, the more failures along the way the more people give up. You just don’t.
  5. Cultivate Energy
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Add on small daily habits to increase your energy levels through:
    Gratitude: In the morning say “it’s gonna be a good day” and appreciate the location that you’re at, people that are around you, and the experiences that you are going through. Being happy appears to attract clients, dates, and people in general.
    Celebrate: Rewire your mammalian brain to like hard work by celebrating achievements (right after working hard for them)
    Meditation: I suggest 12 Minutes to reconnect with oneself, not necessarily as a spiritual practice. It’s practical advice.
    Review & Adjust: whether the plan for the day gets you closer to the direction (towards which you’re “sailing”)
    – Sustainable Breakfast: Fruits and vegetables give you more sustainable energy for the whole day VS donuts and other simple carbs (which give you a brief kick and drop of energy levels)
    – Audiobook: I suggest at least 30 minutes of self-education a day
    Grooming: Freshen up, it just makes you less sloppy at work too

    6. Focus
    (moving on with the morning routines from the energy leverage section…)
    – Write Down The Goal For Today: Think about the 1-2 most important things that you want to achieve today (and make sure that they’re in line with your long-term vision)
    – Deep Focus Sprints: Focus and work in ex. 25 minutes sprints. Turn off all notifications. Set the timer as a deadline. Mold the imperfect but get it done. You can always correct it after. This is especially useful when working on something hard as this exercise forces you to start in the middle and just make something out of nothing. The polishing part is easy.
    Set Default Rules For Life: For example, recurring calls with your team don’t take mental energy to schedule them each time
    Stay Accountable: Use tools such as Fabulous or a proper active accountability system with points, especially for the most important things which are ex. whether you’ve contacted enough clients
    Block Distractions: Think (habitually) about how you can block more distractions. Life throws clutter, mess, ads, notifications, apps, and everything in between fighting for your attention (which is limited). You need to actively strategize against it.

    ahh… and then in the evening, remember to decompress:

    Let Your Brain Speak Up: Let the brain think about whatever it wants to think about for 30 minutes. Sit in a chair after a hard day of “forced” focus and listen to yourself. You’ll find some interesting suggestions mailed from your subconsciousness.

    and finally:

    7. Leverage Yourself
    Do what YOU LIKE not me. It’s more fun to be you. People used to want to be astronauts when it was cool. Now they want to be entrepreneurs because Jobs & Zuckerberg made it to the headlines. Just be you. It’s more rewarding.