Free Online Content vs Paying for Information (+ How to Calculate ROI and Scaling Your Business)


With all the free online content out there to educate yourself, why would you bother paying for information or training?

There are a couple ways to approach this as different people will obviously have different perspectives but there is a reason why all this free motivational and inspirational content is so readily available.

The easy answer is that it’s click bait and obviously intended to provide you general information to motivate you to purchase their product or service. This can be ok as it’s a common practice for marketing but when it comes to information, you must be sure to research on your own to validate the information you receive.

While the amount of free information is plentiful, there is something to be said about paying for information and training. Hands-on training and information regarding systems and processes are valuable so therefore it costs money as there was a significant amount investment regarding the time and money to develop it.

Generally paid information is usually better than free content as it is more structured with step by step instructions but you still must conduct your own research to make a decision that benefits you the most.

With that being said, if you’re just starting out then definitely research and absorb as much free content as possible with videos and podcasts. At some point, you will want to start making some small investments in books or low-cost training courses to move to an intermediate level. From there, you can then determine the type of advanced training and budget required to start taking significant actions towards your long-term goals.

Learn about these topics and much more here in today’s video: Free Online Content vs Paying for Information (+ How to Calculate ROI and Scaling Your Business)