What is going to happen in business in 2018

A summary of things that are going to happen after the second quarter of 2018 (that will most likely impact your business):

1. Augmented reality will change e-commerce
2. No more recurring payments, personal data reclamation, and PSD2
3. Generation Alpha is eight years old – the new marketing target
4. The digital world will challenge states, city-states return
5. Crypto-revolution will gain social meaning
6. First Starbucks in Italy
7. Amazon will threaten the duopoly
8. Talking to devices instead of typing
9.. Hearables will go mainstream
10. Morality of AI
11. Internet dark side captured
12. Intelligent UX
13. Algorithms visualized
14. Fake voices
15. Fully autonomous cars
16. Safer biospheres
17. Post-plastic
18. Drones for farmers
19. Discovery of exoplanets will change our mindsets
20. Clean meat
21. Wind and solar will be cheaper
22. Carbon-free cities

Here is an audio recording of the live podcast: