Are You Good Enough? How to Start a Business if You Have no Experience (Step by Step Roadmap)


How does that super famous quote go again? A thousand mile journey starts with the first step, right?

Once I had I client and he asked me to create a website with a payment gateway for him. I had no idea how to do that, but I took the project anyway.

If you start a business, this first step is not that easy. There are so many questions as well:

Am I experienced enough?
What business model should I choose?
How do I find clients?
What tasks should I begin with?

Most people think that they need to have a lot of skills to actually start a business. They don’t feel ready. Well that’s not always the case.

Guess what happened with this project I mentioned. I was forced to figure out how the payment gateway works. I hired a freelancer to help me and in the end I not only delivered it on time, I also learned a great new skill.

Once this first step is done, you just have to keep moving forward. But first, you need the right road map before you begin.