What If You Start Losing Connection With The Society

Me and my girlfriend, Elyn, we were sitting on the balcony, drinking green ice tea and listening to old-fashioned cinematic movie soundtracks coming out of our Bose Bluetooth speaker.

It was Sunday afternoon,

Healthy lunch, from our friend Jamie, was just delivered to our entrepreneurial house.

As Elyn and I were sitting on the balcony, she was painting the expression of her love towards me – an abstract painting full of alive colors representing her emotions. She was uploading her energy into the canvas so that I can feel her energy after she goes back to Saigon.

She had to leave the next day to teach at the University of Saigon – officially, she is a music theory lecturer.

While she was painting, I was flying the drone above our garden (The cinematic music was still playing in the background). I like to spend Sundays like this.

Imagine, a girl that you love expressing her feelings towards you, on the canvas, while you are listening to “Somewhere over the rainbow,” flying DJI Spark drone above the garden, looking at palm trees and… a castle!

Yes, we have a castle in front of our garden. I don’t know why would anybody build a castle here, but it’s here. It ultimately doesn’t make any sense to build a medieval castle in Vietnam, but it adds on to me feeling inspired.

People usually spend Sundays differently than us.

We drink healthy tea, paint on canvas to express our emotions, fly drones above our garden to get video footage, we talk about energy levels and love, then meditate and create automated workflows for our companies.

Because other people think and act so different than us, we’ve started feeling a disconnection from the society.

I mean all of us – me, my girlfriend, Elyn my best friend, Jonas who I work with.

It is a weird feeling. At the beginning it was uncomfortable. I was worried that we are getting crazy.

Most of the people stopped understanding us. They don’t know why are we not drinking alcohol, eating healthy, meditating, exercising, getting food delivery and creating some weird business or art stuff all day.

Then, when we are talking, we are not chatting about the weather but ask each other how we feel or what are our life goals. We talk about building businesses, and we talk about art. We’ve stopped all the normal shit conversations we used to have.

Because I was worried that we are getting too weird, I needed feedback from people who impress me.

I asked Jamie’s husband, the CEO of 150 employees company, Every Pixel com and worlds second biggest stock footage creator (the guy behind most of the content on Shutterstock). He said he had the same feeling.

Once you start growing, you start disconnecting from the society. Nobody considers you normal because you become so different.

But, this is OK because we are getting more and more connected to the people on much higher level – CEOs, creators, artists and the real, big-deal passionated hustlers.