How To Create UpWork Profile That Makes $8k a Month (Advanced Tips)

Here are some reviewed, advanced tips on how to create an UpWork profile that makes you $8k per month in 1 month or faster: 

1 – Show the portfolio! A great tool to design your portfolio is Canva (and it’s simple).

Put together a good thumbnail related to the projects you’ve done. Use IconFinder to get a nice free icon to make that thumbnail. The first thing people will see on your profile is the thumbnails on your portfolio. That will be the first impression – kind of like a business card or your real-life appearance. Make sure the thumbnails are really high quality though.

You should also make a PDF with either images or graphs showing numbers and tractions of projects you’ve done.

2 – Reviews are the social proof that your potential clients need to see. This just simply works everywhere. People use Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and those platforms are successful. People from Google also told me that reviews and testimonials work better than anything else so… don’t think about it, just use them. If you don’t have them, get them as fast as you can no matter what.

The more reviews you have, the higher the UpWork algorithm’ll rank your profile. Upwork will see that you’re getting hired and you will receive more offers for interviews because you’re they will flow more traffic towards your profile. This works in the same way as YouTube is recommending you those videos that you are the most likely to watch for a long time because this keeps your eyeballs on YT. ENGAGEMENT & PERCEIVED CUSTOMER HAPPINESS is what most of those platforms feed off. It’s that yummy steak they get in exchange for paying bills of their IT team and you’re supposed to be happy that they allow people to come to your restaurant in particular. That’s how it works, period. If you’re not happy with it, then you won’t piggyback on it 🐷.

If you don’t have any portfolio items, you can make an offer to another freelancer: “I need to take your portfolio and present it to my customer in my lead generation tool and show him the results you brought before. I am willing to give you the customer and we will manage the project together. We will share the profit and therefore we both win”. You hit 2 birds with one stone – you get the portfolio + you work with and learn from someone more experienced than yourself.

If you send 1 or 2 proposals per day, the Upwork system will notice your activity and will propose you the higher opportunities by getting you more clients. 

Your profile needs to be constantly active and sooner or later you will be awarded for that. Don’t use off all your connects once per month. Use them off consistently. The same works with Facebook Ads and anything else. Platforms like stable partners – just like humans. Be stable and predictable. Don’t do anything weird, otherwise, algorithms will compare you to the bad guys too much and this is a bad outcome.

When your account becomes more popular, you will receive a job success score. You need to get around 5 reviews to get your job success score. You want this score. It looks good. 

You don’t need to get $5000 projects at the beginning. You need to complete projects for a few bucks just to get reviews and get a job success score. Then, your profile will get some traction and you can start pursuing bigger projects.

All systems benefit you for being active. If you post on Facebook every day, your posts will get ranked higher and people will see your posts more often. 

The same thing applies to YouTube. If you post a video every day, you will get ranked higher in the system.

Keep in mind that some of the things from this video is slightly outdated as it’s from 2017 today on 4th December 2019 I’ve updated some of the points in this description).