How To Pick UpWork Niche That Is Best For You In 2 Steps – Freelance Tutorial (2020)

In this Upwork tutorial, I want to show you how to pick the right Upwork niche that is in demand. In conclusion, you no longer have to target something on Upwork that you are either not good at or something that is adequately oversupplied.

  1. Click on the website called – it shows you all the categories. That’s the major key to find something that you can deliver. Just print it out and circle all the categories that seem suitable for you.
  2. Perform market research. The best way to do this on Upwork is to check the supply VS demand. That’s actually simple, you want to see how long ago where those jobs posted and count how many job proposals were there per day. If there are more than 10 job proposals and each has less than five people applying, it’s a good category. With 10 per day, statistically, you have a chance to talk with one customer every day.
  3. Write down the number of offers per day next to each of those categories that you circled. You want to highlight the categories you are good at or are willing to learn. Subsequently, you want to write down how many proposals were there in the last 24 hours. That’s how you count the amount.