Make Exercising Fun Again (Lifehacks)

I hate exercising because it’s boring. Instead, I love eating the quadratisch, practich, ironically named – Ritter Sport milk chocolate. I also love drinking wine too (diluted in water, just like Romans did, but still…).

Anyhow, this is no good for me. Looking fat makes me look bad in videos and is generally speaking bad for business. Millennials aren’t looking for a fat alcoholic baron with a fat cigar to be their leader. They’re looking for a role model in business, health, and lifestyle.

The knight on a white horse is a slim, slightly muscular, tech-savvy, intellectual individualist who likes to meditate and experiment with smart drugs.

So I took some serious steps to lose weight but I realistically assessed how much will power am I able to invest in this process. Honestly – not much, because forcing myself to exercise drains my will power capacity quickly.

But playing Playstation doesn’t. So I got this home bicycle and I go on for 30 minutes after I wake up. That’s also what Jeff Bezos does after he wakes up – he claims to start the day with something he loves. For me, waking up with a thought that I don’t have to work right away but play my favorite game instead is genuinely motivating. Simple and effective.

Then I took some time to read books about losing weight and I wanted to summarize them in this post. I wouldn’t usually do that if I was to sell fitness coaching but since I don’t do it – I will share all the secrets with you.

Losing weight, just like most of the things comes down to the 80/20 rule where calories play the key role and everything else is extra.

The simple equation to lose weight is to burn more calories than the number of calories you consume.

You consume calories with food and drink. You lose calories automatically (just because you’re alive), when you move and when you exercise.

The trick is to calculate how many calories you burn per day vs how many you consume so that you end up with a calorie deficit.

If you’re on a daily deficit of 1000 calories, then within a week you’re on a deficit of 7000 calories and this means that you lose 1kg because 1kg is approx. 7000 calories.

That’s the most of it. Seriously.

The rest is either philosophy, marketing or applicable to those who really want to get shredded. I don’t. What I want is to have some abs and a nice chest, that’s it. I just want to look aesthetically.

Macros refer to micronutrition which is counting what you eat in terms of fat, protein, and carbs. Generally speaking, most of the people should eat 35% of carbs, 25% of fat and 40% of protein during low carb days and 50% carbs, 20% fat and 30% protein during high carb days. You want to aim at 5 low carb days and 2 high carb days per week (and those high carb days should be as far from each other as possible). During high carb days, you want to do more cardio too because you have more energy to burn. During low carb days, you eat more protein, meaning that it’s a good day to iron those muscles at the gym.

I try to eat less simple carbs like sugar, bread and pasta and more complex carbs like vegetables. Your body needs to use more energy to break them down in your body, hence it consumes more energy to burn them. This also means that more calories are burned because your body needs to work more to digest them. Vegetables in general help you digest better and most importantly they have micronutrition that YOU NEED. Namely, they have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other good, healthy things that not only make you lean but also help you think faster. If you’re an entrepreneur, eat vegetables. If you aren’t – eat them too.

You might have heard about intermittent fasting. It’s generally speaking proven that eating once per day helps you lose weight but it has one more advantage – it makes you eat less because you can’t physically eat as much in one meal as you’d have in 3 or 4 meals. We’re back at simple calories math. Intermittent fasting just works – and fasting works even better but it’s torture. I think what you want to do is adjust your food timing around your schedule and lifestyle – not the other way around. Sometimes I work 2 hours in the morning with a cup of coffee, then go to spend a few hours at the gym/swimming pool/sauna and then eat a big meal around 4 pm. I sleep like a baby a few hours after. Some days, however, I need to work more so I have a breakfast and lunch. Then before sleep, I eat a salad.

Just like the name says – they supplement and NOT replace your veggies. I take supplements to function better and I see the improvement, mainly in stabilizing my energy levels and with a better immune system. Every morning I take:

  • Garlic
  • Green powder
  • Tumeric
  • Fish Oil
  • Spirulina

+ I experiment with new ones