Live Below Your Means

Living above your means causes you to feel stressed about the money.

This is an internal, uncomfortable sensation of high cortisol levels.

To bandage this inner bad feeling you spend more money to imitate wealth in the outside world.

It’s a downwards going spiral because spending more money can never heal the financial distress.

The lack of money makes you crave it. Neediness repels wealth (and clients too).

How to escape this downwards going spiral?

If we’re seeking wealth symbols without, subsequently oppressing the poverty within, could we then seek the wealth within to fight the poverty without instead?

If our inner states manifest themselves outside (in the real world), then the logical step is to feel the opposite of neediness – Abundance

To create a real sense of financial abundance, the default mindset state shall shift from “spend money” to “accumulate money”.

You can do it by setting the following default rules for your finances for each month:
1. increase the percentage of what you save VS what you spend until your salary is less than 1% of your company’ revenue
2. increase the amount of money on the savings account
3. transfer yourself a salary, which is your fixed, personal monthly budget. Use the personal account to spend this money and not the company account.