Multiple touchpoints approach.

Congrats Terumi for closing 3x 3.5k $ deals in 1 week since you have joined! 

Hey Tribers, yes prospecting is mentally exhausting. 

You are setting multiple follow-up reminders in your CRM and your getting confused whereas your prospect still hasn’t seen your InMail or your connection request on Xing. 

And then, the magic happens. 

You find some great data scrapping tool and you begin exporting prospect lists, additionally, you just stumbled on and drew a beautiful strategy on there but no calls booked and no returns just yet… 

“Time”, you think, “let’s give it some weeks or a month to make sure that I have relevant data before I make a change”

We have already talked about the importance of creating your customer journey -before, while, how, sales, after- 

To create an effective multiple touchpoints approach you need to see it as a puzzle:

Each piece is an interaction with your customer, that can be content, messages, emails, calls.. you name it. 

When the puzzle is complete your customer should look like this