No UpWork Portfolio? No Problem.


As you can see, over the last few days I am sharing more UpWork #hacks.

I didn’t necessarily plan to go with this theme – I’ve been just receiving a bunch of questions on YouTube.

I usually don’t answer them but….After a loooong break from YouTube, I am re-starting to serve my audience again.

It’s time to answer some questions and get some of you going!

Here is another question that someone commented yesterday:

Q: “How do you build an Upwork portfolio when you don’t have any clients?

A: It’s a vicious cycle! 😱 I’ll show you 3 steps to get out of this bad cycle so that you can finally start getting hired:

1. Firstly, you need to understand the concept of the UpWards (not UpWork) going spiral.

If you have no jobs – it’s a vicious cycle.

Getting some will help you get more.

It’s like that saying that “more wealth attracts more wealth” or something like this.

Anyways, ask your current partner to go with an UpWork payroll.

It’s not against their terms of use to switch to UpWork.

2. Work for free.

Wait…what? Did you say for free, Matt?

Yep – just once. You get a portfolio item + a review + you put your step in the door.

It’s called a lead magnet in marketing terms. That means – if people like working with you, they will stay with you.

They simply don’t change freelancers or agencies because it’s usually more pain and work to change them.

3. Partner up with another freelancer to get their portfolio.

You bring clients – they do the job.

It’s usually a synergetic relationship that helps you get started, learning the craft, and getting some portfolio before you make one.