Objection Handling – “I Need to Talk to Other Freelancers First” (Advanced Sales by Matt Laker)


Every freelancer and every business owner knows this situation. You are talking to a lead, a potential client. You do a sales call, you consult him, you make him an offer, and then there is this very famous objection:

“I need to talk to other freelancers first. I will get back to you.” You put in all this effort to get the guy on the phone, you invested an hour or more to get him on board, and now he wants to talk to five other guys. There is a high chance you will never hear from him again.

How do you solve this problem?

There are two ways to deal with this situation. You can pre-handle this objection or you can use a so-called tripwire to get the client on board with you.

In today’s video I will discuss objection handling on sales calls, specifically how to handle the, “I want to check out some other offers first” objection.