Outsourcing for $3 to India – Evil or Noble? (Matt Laker about Outsourcing Business)

My most popular video on YouTube currently has 129,000 views. Most of my other videos have less than a thousand. How is that possible?

Could it be the name? It is called “How to Make $8k Per Month on Freelancing and UpWork”. Yes, it is a catchy title! But titles alone don’t make videos successful. There must be something else!

The video not only has a lot of views, it also got a lot of comments, 476! Why do people feel like they need to comment below this video?

Because they hate it! At least some of the guys, while others love it. Yes, the video is controversial! But what is it that my viewers are fighting about in the comments?

The video is about how to build an online business using Upwork. In that video, I suggest to stop being a freelancer and instead outsource most of the tasks in the business for $3 an hour to countries like India, Vietnam, or Philippines. Some people think that is genius while others believe it’s unethical.

But what are the facts? I decided to finally talk about how I built my business using freelancers and outsourcers, how I pay them, and if I can sleep at night “exploiting” third world countries!