We’ll help you find the right business that will give you location independence. We’ll start with an initial free 90 min assessment call, where together we’ll pick the right business and explain how the 3-step method can work for you!

Stop. One more thing that is very important to know:

We currently receive so many requests that we have to carefully choose the entrepreneurs we work with. Our capacity is limited because of the limited time availability of Matt and his instructors.

Every day we intentionally direct hundreds of people to this form by means of paid ads and content marketing. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of these people pass our application process because our methods only work for those who fulfill certain criteria (for example a full-time commitment to run a business). Picking applicants with the highest potential allows us to spend all of our time working on bringing results to those who have that potential, instead of forcing to bring average results to everyone.

Thanks to 4 years of experience in training location independent entrepreneurs and the analysis of results of our students, we can estimate very precisely whether or not our methods will work for you and what results can be expected.

Since we have directed you to this page, you are already aware that we can help you start a location independent business. However, for reasons of fairness to other applicants, we request that you only fill out the application when you are mentally prepared to start your location independent business.

As we have been completely straightforward with you, we would like to ask that you do us the same kindness and answer all the questions honestly and thoroughly. That is the only way we can help you! If you’re ready to get cracking, invest 2 minutes of your time and fill out the form below!

Good luck! We look forward to your application!

– Tribal Mastermind Team