Why Romanians Can Crush it in Business – How to Start a Business if you are from Eastern Europe

What do you know about Romania?

Not much? I admit it’s not a country that you hear about a lot. I used to live in Romania for a while. I have many Romanian friends, and here is what I realized: Romania is one of the most underestimated countries on this planet.

The problems with Romanians is that they believe their country sucks. They are not proud; they think it’s a disadvantage to be from there.

It’s the same with most other Eastern European countries.

What you probably don’t know: It is actually a great advantage to be of one of these “underdog countries.” You don’t have to be from America or Germany to create something amazing!

Here is what most Eastern European entrepreneurs do wrong and how you can use the strengths of countries like Romania to build a successful business!





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