Secret UpWork Weapon: Applying First By Building a RSS Feed For New Gigs Notifications

The game is not about how to get your first job on UpWork – it’s about getting the job first. This video is an Upwork tutorial for beginners on sending your proposals first – every time. Did you know that being the first one to apply is as powerful as being a top rated freelancer ? In fact it’s as important as having a really good profile. That’s because a lot of customers have “I want it now approach” and are 67% more likely to pick your application – if you are the first to apply. Ok, I kind of made this stat up – but you got the point here. In this video, I will show you how to build an RSS feed for new gigs notifications so that you can always be the first one to send your UpWork proposal. It’s not just a tutorial on how to win jobs on UpWork or how to get jobs on UpWork, per se – it’s more of a tutorial on how to make your RSS feed work and how to automate your notifications.