Thank You For The Last 4 Years

  1. Lots of new things happen and I wanna say thank you to you guys!
    We moved to a new office, it has actually more than 500 square meters including a coffee shop in the basement, a video room, a boiler room for sales and a sauna on top.
    2.First of all the craziest thing is that we didn’t think we can do it in an exotic and cool location, because most of the companies that are successful these days online that are in our mastermind, they do set up offices in Europe. But it is dramatically hard for the members to set up companies and offices in exotic locations. But we accept the challenge and we did set up a massive office in Vietnam.
  2. So I really want to say thank you to every tribal mastermind member for your support and your trust in me and my company. It wouldn’t be possible without you.
  3. Bunch of cool things happened since I started. It was just me traveling. Then I met my girlfriend who later became my wife and we went traveling together. Later Jonas joined me and we start to produced better quality content while traveling. subsequently, we started Tribal Bootcamp which was this massive event in Bali, it was totally crazy and awesome. After all of this, I had time to take a break for a few months and getting back to my core, and think about my further goals.
    Finally, after all this, we come to this point where we’re starting an office in a damn badass cool location.
  4. That’s gonna be the game-changer and the new chapter, because right now what we are going to do is we are going to not compete with other shitty consulting programs. No, we are breaking through and we are going to take over to give you the best, most efficient, highest quality life change mastermind.
  5. Be ready and stay tuned for the new chapters.
  6. The last and important thing I want to tell you is that you don’t look for excuses and talk about the Covid or Christmas is coming and you think that for this reason, you cannot make sales or revenue.
    Bullsh*t, don’t let this social narrative come into your head and start something big!