Upwork – How I Get a 20% Response Rate on my Proposals (Freelancer Workshop by Matt Laker)


Do you know that feeling? You are applying for a job, sending a proposal to a potential client and then you have to wait. Sadly most of the times you don’t even get an answer.

That’s what many people experience on platforms like Upwork. A friend recently told me that he only got 1 reply out of 60 proposals! How do you resolve this?

Here is the problem with Upwork; whenever somebody posts a job offer, he will receive A LOT of proposals – A LOT! He will not waste his time and answer 100 proposals, he most likely won’t even read all of them! So how do you become one of the few guys who gets an answer?

To get there, you first have to understand Upwork algorithms and see the entire process from a client’s perspective. I used a few simple methods to increase my response rate to 20%!

In today’s video, I share these techniques with you.