How to Use Gamification to Get Incredible Results While Having Fun


What is your FAVORITE GAME of all time?

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This question might sound trivial, at first but, what if you could copy mechanisms of your favorite game and use them in real life?

Think about how AWESOME it was to increase your income in SimCity and Monopoly. Think about how EXCITING it was to UNLOCK and EXPLORE new areas on the map in GTA San Andreas. It was such a CHALLENGE to get to a BOSS LEVEL in Super Mario. Do you remember that feeling of being the best player in Counter-Strike or Call of Duty Multiplayer?

Playing those games was ADDICTING and somehow REWARDING as well. Your parents couldn’t get you out of your bedroom and then you had to grow up.

You started focusing on making money for a living. You had to go to work with a corporation or start a business.

Ughhhhh….Life stopped being as exciting. Life was no longer a game and it became a constant grind.

So how is it possible that all the millionaires say that, “Life is a game”? What fucking game are they playing in this workload of boredom?

The Millionaires trick is to make their life a game.

Hmmm…so what if it was possible to turn everything that you don’t like doing (but you know you should) into an EXCITING game?

What if you could feel like PLAYING a game instead of working and you were waking up every day feeling HYPED to start playing again?

What if you could copy the mechanisms of your favorite games and actually them in your work life?

It is possible thanks to Gamification and all you have to do is to understand the underlying game mechanisms and apply them in your daily life.